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  • The main issues

  • Working hours of sales Department

    The sales Department is open every day, including Saturday and Sunday, from 10-00 AM till 6-00 PM

  • Works and services performed by the management company

    Protection and security of the territory:

     Management and control of compliance with the access mode.

    Management and maintenance of the checkpoint.

    Protection and patrolling the community.

    Management of video monitoring of the streets inside the community

    Administration and control of fire protection measures.

    Ensuring compliance with the rules of residence in the community and the rules of construction works.

     Accounting and supply:

     Control and collection of service, utility payments.

    Management and maintenance of accounting, financial and budget planning.

    Contract management.

    Purchase of consumables and construction materials, spare parts and fuel.

     Infrastructure management:

     Maintenance of utilities (electricity, gas, water, wastewater disposal):

    preventive and emergency repairs.

    Maintenance of transformer substations:

    preventive and emergency repairs.

    Maintenance of engineering equipment.

    Repair and prevention of small mechanization.

    Repair and preventive maintenance of special equipment and motor transport.

    Repair of the road surface (if necessary)

    Repair and maintenance of architectural ensembles, fountains, buildings and structures in the public areas of the community.

    Carrying out shore protection works.

    Provision of outdoor lighting in public areas.

    Preparation of beaches for summer season.

    Storing of sand in winter season.

    Ensuring the operation of beaches in summer season.

    Sand cleaning in summer season.

    Cleaning of the coastline from the mud with subsequent removal (in summer season).

    Supply of sun loungers and umbrellas to residents (within the available amount)

    Cleaning of streets and public areas of the community.

    Cleaning of public buildings and facilities.

    Garbage disposal.

    Snow removal.


    Gardening of the public areas

    Total care of plantation in public areas: treatment of diseases and pests, fertilizing, pruning trees, mowing lawns, watering flower beds and lawns.

     Information services:

    Explanation of the rules of building and living;

    Recommendations on total care of green spaces on the site.

  • How long does the presentation last?

    The community covers an area of more than 60 hectares, so we recommend you to find at least one hour for the presentation.

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