Current works,  4 quarter 2016

Current works, 4 quarter 2016

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December 2016

  1. Repair of the East Slope.
    2. Repair of pavement on Naberezhnaya Street.
  2. Repair of the Central Slope.
    4. Repair of storm-water gutters.
    5. Actions for the treatment of the Luzanovsky Forest.
    6. Preparations for the winter.
  3. The following regular works on the cottage community area maintenance were performed during the 4th quarter:

 - daily cleaning of streets, both manual and mechanical;

- comprehensive green planting management in public areas;

- regular removal of household waste;

  1. To implement a high level of security within the cottage community territory, the following activities were carried out during the 4th quarter:

- patrolling the area;

- round-the-clock duty of mobile rapid response team;

- round-the-clock service of checkpoint;

- outdoor video surveillance of the streets and public areas of the cottage community;

- daily walk around inspection of the reserve adjacent to the cottage community in order to identify unauthorized fire sources;

- repair of the fence around the perimeter of the cottage community;

- security of the cottage community  was enhanced with two new security posts on the territory.

  1. During the 4th quarter of 2016, to ensure smooth and trouble-free operation of utilities a scheduled preventive maintenance of utilities, pumping stations and transformer substations was performed:

Gravity sewerage. Pipes were checked for clogging and maintaining the calculated slope. Blockages were removed. Sections with deviations were restored.

Force main sewerage. Sewerage was checked for integrity. Damaged pipe sections were repaired. The protected area of pressure header pipeline was inspected for deviations from the requirements of the State Building Codes of Ukraine. Sections with deviations were restored. Shutoff valves has been adjusted.

Cable power lines (10 kV). Preventive testing was carried out. Communication devices were adjusted. Supporting insulation was cleaned from dirt.

Cable power lines (0.4 kV). The resistance, ground loop and phase "0" circuit were measured. Communication equipment was adjusted. Contact groups were tightened.

Water supply system. Pressure testing was carried out to detect water leaks.

Transformer substations. Oil fill-up. Supporting insulation was cleaned. Contact groups were tightened.

Acceptance of an automated electric power metering system.

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