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Country houses with the sea view

We believe, everyone wondered: "How is it to live in your own house on the sea coast?”

 Just imagine the endless skyline behind your window, blue sky and pure breeze stirring your curtains.

A warm sun pleasantly heating your face in breakfast time on the balcony of your house and you are simply enjoying the unique sea view.

Each evening will show you how waves reflect the lights of the South Palmira.

 Choose a house in the "Pine coast" community and the panorama of the Black sea opening from the windows of your house will give you a real pleasure every day, each time of year.

Требуется отделка
  • Total area - 160 м
  • Land - 16 соток
  • Требуется отделка
  • Price: contact sales

Spacious and solid mansion "Potemkin" is more than just real estate, because everything in it emphasizes the status of its owner.

 The mansion is located on the territory of the best gated community on the sea coast of Ukraine in a unique place, where in five minutes from your home begins a protected forest, and in three minutes you may reach the promenade with coastal recreation areas, observation decks and yacht-berth.

  • Total area - 120 м
  • Land - 14 соток
  • Price: contact sales

Do you value safety? Then pay attention to the mansion "Pushkin", which is located in one of the most protected community of the Odessa region.

 The fact that our management company has been servicing and operating the community for more than 15 years guarantees the safety of the entire infrastructure and gives you firmness in your investment, providing peace of mind and confidence in the future.

  • Total area - 120 м
  • Land - 14 соток
  • Price: contact sales

If you dream to live in an environmentally safe place and watch the magnificent sea view at any time, then “Vorontsov” is definitely your house.

 Come to get acquainted with it and you will see that the mansion welcomes you with a warm color scheme, a hospitable entrance, straight and arched elongated windows. This is a right place to deepen into atmosphere of freedom, harmony and prosperity. 

Требуется ремонт
  • Total area - 110 м
  • Land - 11 соток
  • Требуется ремонт
  • Price:

Строгая классика, игривый модерн, роскошные формы барокко в сочетании с мягкими «южными» красками фасадов легли в основу архитектуры этого дома.

Теплая цветовая гамма, гостеприимный вход, прямые и сводчатые удлиненные вверх окна, просторный балкон, крытая терраса и изящная линия кровли определяют его внешний облик.

Использование элементов различных стилей в оформлении фасадов позволило создать элегантный образ, напоминающий об архитектурных традициях 18 века. Впрочем, отсылка к истории вовсе не помешала решить экстерьер дома в эклектичном духе, объединив классический стиль и современный подход.

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